Choosing Appropriate Geographical Scale

Geographical scale should be selected carefully, not necessarily just the smallest footprint data is available for. Different social and political organisations operate at different scales, which operate on social determinants of health.

LADs were examined as they correspond to the organisation of agencies responsible for covering many of the wider social determinants of health including housing, education, transport, leisure facilities, and social services. [p. 230][1]

…this study suggests that there is a need for policy makers to take a more localised and targeted approach to tackling area-level health inequalities in England, as there are fine-scale local health variations within LADs [p. 236][1]


1. Cairns-Nagi, J. M. and Bambra, C. (2013) ‘Defying the odds: A mixed-methods study of health resilience in deprived areas of England’ in Social Science & Medicine, vol. 91, pp. 229-237.