BroughamPhotoFest Weekend and the Story of the Scrapyard

Over the weekend of 28 and 29 September I exhibited four of my photos at the first BroughamPhotoFest at Brougham Hall, along with approximately 20 other photographers.

The range of photography was quite exceptional, from landscape photography (to be expected in the Lake District) to candids, macro and wildlife photography. One photographer had even photographed the recent funeral of Seamus Heaney, and his images were very poignant and moving.

Apart from enjoying other people’s photography I had fun chatting to visitors about my own photographs. Many people were interested to know where the photograph of Global Rainbow was taken (Preston Dock), which building I’d photographed the internal architecture of (Leeds Corn Exchange), and finally the story behind the scrapyard.

The Story Behind ‘Scrapyard’

When my parents moved to their current house in the early 1990s (my brother and I were still young children back then) there was a large, ugly concrete path running through the garden. When we began demolishing the path to make the garden more attractive and young child-friendly we found a number of toy cars and vehicles buried in the concrete.

We’re not sure if they were put there simply out of laziness or if it was an attempt to make a sort of time capsule, but I prefer to think it’s the latter. We salvaged a dozen or so of those in better condition, and they’ve lived in our garden ever since.

When I photographed them I tried to show that although they are broken, battered and scarred they are a defining feature of our house as children, so are looked on fondly.

Other Images

Apart from Scrapyard, you can view the other images I submitted on the following Flickr set: BroughamPhotoFest.

All the images are available to buy. I offer the image framed and mounted or just mounted. Either way the image is signed and numbered (edition of 10 per image). Prices start at £35 for these.

If you’d just like a card I have a number of these with envelope for £1.

Contact me if you’d like to buy either.