Free Light Meter for iPhone

When you’re using a camera with no way of metering exposure you need a light meter to avoid guessing or having to rely on the ‘sunny 16‘ rule. Light meters can run to hundreds of pounds, and since my camera without light meter cost me £5, I didn’t fancy splashing out. Instead I found a free app (add supported, or you can pay $0.99/£0.69 to remove adds) for iPhone that uses the camera to meter light.

It’s simply called ‘Light Meter’ and is available from the App Store.

When you open the app just select your film ISO speed and tap to lock it. You can then change aperture or shutter speed to balance your exposure based on the light reading. With my camera it’s even simpler as I have only one shutter speed – 1/60 – so I also lock the shutter speed and simply read the aperture value. I do have a bulb mode too so when taking long exposures I can select a small aperture and determine how long I need to older the shutter open for. Simple.

Light Meter App

I’ve found it to be reasonably accurate and not bad for less than a quid!