Harvard Referencing System and Word 2007

New to Word 2007 is a built in citations and bibliography feature which allows you to enter bibliographical details of your sources and automatically create and update a bibliography, as well as insert individual citations easily into your work. It comes with a number of built in referencing styles, but does not have the Harvard referencing system, the staple of my department. Fortunately, it’s easy to manually add.


Word 2007 comes with a number of built-in referencing styles, but is lacking in many common ones, such as Harvard. Fortunately, the kind people at Bibword have created a number of additional bibliographical styles available free for download.

  • Download the additional styles from Bibword.
  • Extract the .zip file somewhere you’ll remember (like your desktop).
  • Copy the styles, or just the styles you need to your Word 2007 installation directory. On most computers this will either be:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12BibliographyStyle
Or, if you have a 64-bit processor:
C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice12BibliographyStyle

That’s it, the new options should be available in Word under the References tab > Citations & Bibliography:

Reference stylesUsing Styles

To insert a new reference (book, journal article, or web page, etc.) into your document, click ‘Manage Sources’ from the References > Citations & Bibliography tab.

Manage Sources dialogThe left of this box contains the master list, that is all references across all documents. On the right is the current list, which shows the bibliographical references for the current document only. When you create a new bibliographical reference, it appears in both list. As a matter of preference, I always delete items from the master list so they only appear in the applicable document.

To create a new bibliographic item, press New:

New Bibliographical entrySelect the appropriate Type of Source (book, journal article, etc.) and enter appropriate bibliographical details. The available fields are usually correct and have been selected for the referencing system you have chosen (in my case, Harvard). Just tick ‘Show All Bibliography Fields’ if something’s missing. Press Ok.

Insert Bibliography

To create a bibliography from your bibliographical items, simply select in the document where you want it to appear, and select Bibliography from the References > Citations & Bibliography tab. This will automatically create a bibliography into your document, which can be updated as and when you insert or delete records.

Insert Citation

To insert a citation in your document where you are typing, simply select Insert Citation from the References > Citations & Bibliography tab, then select the work you want to cite:

Insert a CitationThis will create a new reference in the document automatically, in the format:
(Author's name: Year)
To add a page reference, click on the drop down arrow and ‘Edit Citation’ and enter your page number:

Edit Citation dialogWhy Bother?

Why not just do all this by hand? Well, the obvious answer is that it saves time, and that is certainly true. Over about half a dozen references, it begins to save you time writing out the author’s name, year, and page number manually. But, as with all good databases, it automatically tracks changes and updates itself, for example if you got the year wrong, potentially saving you at least a manual Find and Replace exercise. I find this peace of mind makes it worth spending a bit of time learning to use the built-in bibliography system properly, and once you’ve done it initially it’s there for all subsequent documents.